Main Office

Tel.: +49 4321 8701-0

Alfons Markert + Co. GmbH

Gadelander Str. 135
24539 Neumünster • Germany


Our production method

With cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the materials used, we produce top quality products that represent the label “Made in Germany” in the best way possible. Precision is not only important during production, it also plays a critical role in our customer service as we aim to constantly offer our customers the highest standards. We approach your needs competently, personally and individually in order to find the optimal solutions to your problems and systems.

The complete marsoflex® product line, including all of its components, are produced exclusively in our own production facilities. This allows us to always guarantee the highest quality. We only use the best raw materials from trusted suppliers whose materials come from known sources.

We constantly strive to improve quality and innovation for all corporate areas and procedures. The Markert Production System leads to higher quality in all our production processes. Our organisation is characterised by flat hierarchies, a goal-oriented management model, regular training sessions and exemplary management.

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