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Technical information can be found in our catalogues.

In addition to standard designs of marsoflex® products, we also produce hoses for special applications. Depending on the application and operating conditions, all types of materials and constructions can be used. These hoses, fitted with valves or coupling systems upon request, are manufactured and tested as ready to install.

These are some common types of hoses: 

  • Hoses with special components for especially high operating pressures
  • Hoses with vulcanised fittings or threadless couplings
  • Hoses with additional insulation or temperature resistance
  • Double-walled hoses for heating or cooling
  • Double-walled safety hoses that alert the user of any leakage to prevent uncontrolled discharge of the medium


Our specialists will be glad to advise you on the options for safe and efficient use of special hoses in your field.

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