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Alfons Markert + Co. GmbH

Gadelander Str. 135
24539 Neumünster • Germany


Valves, fastening systems, seals and accessories

For the flexible and safe use of marsoflex® hose couplings and fittings, we offer a wide variety of additional valves, fastening systems, seals and accessories in all typical materials and designs.

Examples of what we offer:

  • Double and reduction nipples
  • Double and reduction couplings
  • Welding ends
  • Caps and plugs
  • Flange threading systems
  • Coupling seals and threaded seals made from PTFE, FKM, EPDM, NBR and CSM
  • Swage and bracket fittings for specific hoses and applications

We will be glad to assist you in finding a functional and safe hose system for your specific application.

All the products described meet the minimum standards we set ourselves. We can also produce individual components, based on sketches or patterns, using any type of standard material. We of course guarantee top quality in accordance with our “general terms of sale”.

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